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Sonic Steel is well versed in residential construction as our founders have years of experience building homes. Plus, we’ve fabricated structural steel for hundreds of houses over the Lower Mainland including everything from steel beams to custom steel stairs. This gives us a unique understanding of the constraints of housing construction.

We’re Detail Oriented

We work at the job location with the owner, architect and any other trades to coordinate the wood and steel connections so projects are completed smoothly and efficiently. Upon request, Sonic Steel will provide the structural steel packed with lumbar to allow the connection of wood joists and beams, saving hours of time on site.

In residential construction, even on the smallest projects, there are a variety of aspects that need to be considered and coordinated so that the steel doesn’t clash with the other finishes of the building. This includes things like pre-drilling holes in the steel to allow for plumbing and sprinkler lines and the coordination of steel hangers to eliminate any drops in the ceilings. We think ahead and address every detail for maximum efficiency.

Residential Projects



June 10, 2016